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  1. V

    Need some help with morse code

    If someone could help me translate this, I'd be really grateful. I was able to make out that the first letter should be "M", but I'm really confused about the second one (1 long + 5 shorts?). This is the first time I tried doing morse code and I've pretty much given up. https://clyp.it/nxfcvnwm
  2. D

    deciphering some new haven PD codes

    Hi, I am pretty new so thanks in advance for your patience. I am trying to decipher some code talk from some recent New Haven PD dispatch. NHPD officers were dispatched to a home. Among the info conveyed by the dispatcher was something that sounded like "code 3 looks like signaling at that...
  3. A

    Signal and/or 10 code for DUI/intoxicated driver

    Does anyone know the signal or 10 code in Indiana for an intoxicated driver or prior DUI?
  4. scanningman

    Code Adam on MSP channel...

    Was just listening to the scanner and heard "code adam" on the msp channel. I assume it actually means code a, but anyways, does anyone know what this means? The officer responded "code adam positive" and really made me curious.
  5. wireless_friendly

    Looking for DSP Code file F5R06H01

    Hi all! I am looking for DSP code file F5R06H01 from M7100/P5100/P7100 (it's the same for all radios specified). It can be read from radio just by using ProGrammer. It should have F5R06H01.DSP file name. If somebody have this file, please contact with me wireless.friendly@gmail.com To Admins...
  6. usarLT

    finding Tone frequencies for local Fire Departments

    Hi, I was hoping someone could help me locate the tone codes for fire departments in Oktibbeha county... all I can find is Sturgis and Macon. Thanks!
  7. R

    Code Plug help for Saber RSS

    Hey all, Some how I finally got my Saber RSS too work on my laptop in DOS. I tried it a few weeks ago and it seemed like the COM1 port wasnt working. Well I finally got it to read tonight. I have a Saber I UHF, Saber II UHF and 3 Saber II VHF Securenet. I was able to change the Saber I...