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digital scanning

  1. M

    Help with new scanner choice needed

    I had (have) a Realistic Pro-37 handheld scanner. It hasn't worked for a long while. The buttons stopped working and to get it apart to clean the guts, I would have to desolder the antenna connector which I never got around to doing. Last year, for Christmas, I got a Bearcat BC346XT (I think...
  2. CrimeCaster

    Elkhorn Talk Groups

    I dislike how some of these new systems are set up on Radio Reference. I'm from Kansas City, and am visiting family in Elkhorn this weekend. I would like to listen to my scanner while I'm up there, but when I located the frequencies for Elkhorn and surrounding areas, it is confusing as to what...
  3. radioscan

    Digital Scanning Presentation

    There will be presentation on Digital Scanning at the January meeting of the OHKYIN Amateur Radio Club. The meeting will be Tuesday January 4th at 7:30 PM at 120 Washington Avenue in St. Bernard (just north of downtown Cincinnati). It will be fun and informative for anyone who is interested in...
  4. E

    Improving the LAPD FEED

    Hey guys. We were just wondering what our listiners think we could do to improve the LAPD feed. One thing under considderation is a better antenna system. Improving the RF signal can't hurt and would certainly help with simplex (which the LAPD uses a lot) communications. What about splitting...