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  1. B

    TM-V71A Echolink using MacBook (with Windows)

    I have Kenwood TM-V71A and Baofeng BF-F8HP. I want to make Echolink work using Windows on my MacBook. I am able to login to Echolink software and go to SysOps setting. I am also able to pass DTMF command from my handheld to the radio. What I am unable to do is, pass the audio from the laptop to...
  2. K

    building a GMRS repeater

    hello everybody, just was wondering if anybody would have any Motorola GR-300 Chassis laying around without anything but the power supply inside..?
  3. B

    Kenwood: TM-V71A with echolink

    Hi Guys, I am very new to the echolink concept. I need help in setting up echolink on my mobile radio. Radio: Kenwood TM-V71A Connections: -------------- I have a wire which connects my laptop (USB) to my radio (Data Port). I use the same wire to work with Kenwood MCP-2A software to program...
  4. W

    Echolink radio remote into repeater system

    Hi All, I have installed a Kenwood TM-V71A to provide a remote Echolink feed into my repeater. The problem is that the TM-V71A isn't recognizing or processing over the air DTMF commands. I can call into the radio from a phone or computer with no issues, but not the reverse. I have done the...
  5. G

    Kenwood: Echolink (sysop mode) & kenwood th-v71a - no audio to radio

    I have a Kenwood TM-V71A and I am trying to create a internet gateway using Echolink in Sysop mode. My problem is that although the system is connecting and disconnecting okay, I am hearing nothing either through the TM-V71A speaker(s) or through the hand-held's speaker that I am using to get...
  6. W

    Kenwood TH D-74 Echolink

    There is virtually NO info in the Kenwood manual on how to use the Echolink features, memories, Etc. Has anyone figured this out yet? There are several memories for Echolink names, nodes and codes, but it appears I can only call up and send data from memory 0 Has, anyone figured out (after these...
  7. MTouesnard

    Echolink Node Setup

    Hello! was wondering if anyone out there has any good information on setting up a echolink node with a radio and a computer plus how to interface it all together? maybe you have one yourself you would like to share some info on and possibly a picture or two.
  8. VE1GAT

    Echolink direct connection timeouts, proxy only

    My echo link setup has not changed, neither has my router but my Echolink is no longer allowing direct connections to nodes ... I have to use a proxy. My firewall is off, and my router has intelligent forwarding that is working. Is there a good place I can get some support? Echolink via wine...
  9. myspacebarisbroken

    Operation of EchoLink

    Hi, I am considering a HAM licence and have started looking at different transceivers. One in particular, a KENWOOD TM-V71A, is EchoLink Capable. I have also heard that a repeater nearby is internet connected with EchoLink. Would I be able to connect to that repeater and dial a node number to...
  10. dwh367

    My Echolink Operating Tips

    I just thought I'd pass along some operating tips that I've compiled from the experiences of myself and others over the years. These are only suggestions and should be taken as such. 1.) Use the built in firewall test to make sure that your software or hardware firewall is properly...