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freq programming

  1. S

    Ht1250 Freq ranges

    hello, So I have 2 HT1250 radios the one has worked well for me so i wanted to buy a back up.bought the second one thinking all ht1250 would have the freq range. Radio #1 range is 136-174 radio #2 is 403-470 is there a way to get radio #2 to work in the lower range, and if so how or do i need...
  2. Z

    scanner freq steps.

    couple of questions for you guys==== I just puchased a used pro-162 , and was entering some freqs for putnam county, FL. one of the freqs was 154.2125 which my scanner rounded up to 154.2150. I understand my scanner has steps but should i even bother programming freqs that have this (off step)...
  3. 8

    Police Bands

    Hey all, I am fairly new to scanning I have a simple question for you guys out there. What would I need to do to keep my scanner only scanning on police band frequencies if I were driving into different states? Thanks in advance.
  4. A

    TRS Pro-2018...Help

    My father-in-law has this Radio Shack 200 channel scanner (Pro-2018) and I get to program it for Port Orchard WA. I have the book for it. I need to know where to look for what frequencies are out there for police, fire, WSP, sheriff, transit, marine distress, search and rescue, foss tugs...
  5. J

    Uniden BR330T help needed for a newbie

    I just received my BR330T. Something I've wanted for YEARS! Wife finally let me buy one. I was recently in LA and heard all the crazy stuff that happens in that town. But now that I've returned home to New Braunfels, TX (a suburb of San Antonio), I'm having problems getting my scanner to...