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help a newbie

  1. S

    Help Tecsun PL-660

    Hello I have a PL660, which works perfectly, I think it's an excellent radio . I recently purchased a Tecsun AN100 but after trying to hear something with the antenna, the radio does not receive any more AM stations (with or without antenna). Just a noise, like interference. Other bands were...
  2. T

    new to the sport

    I have an old realistic pro 2024 which I cant get to pick up anything and I am looking at getting a Uniden BCD996T , I don't know if this will monitor Polk County fire or not. Would you tell me what I need to get if that uniden will not work? Thanks for the help. Tom
  3. S

    ICOM-F44GT Radios saying INVALID??

    Hi all, Im new to the radio world and have gotten a couple of these hand held units from a friend. They are second hand, they turn on but when i go to use them they beep and say invalid? They already seem to be programmed to certain channels from the last user and im waiting for a data cable...
  4. A

    Newbie desperately seeking help

    Hey guys, as the thread title states, I'm dumbfounded when it comes to radio waves, frequencies and the like (helpful reading appreciated). I have a BCD536HP that needs an outdoor antenna. I listen to Police and EMS in Rhea County, Tn on the Tennessee Advanced Communication Network if that...
  5. I

    AOR 8200 pre-loaded channels

    Can someone please help me, I lost all my pre-loaded memory banks and I tried to recover from a backup but my external drive is dead. All my backups are gone. What I need is someones backup of AOR 8200 with pre-loaded memory info. Thank You
  6. Z

    (Newbie) Uniden BCD325P2 Frequency Help (PL/CTCSS)

    Hey there community! I recently bought myself the scanner that's in the title, and after reading the manual and searching the internet, I am still clueless as to how to specifically program in a CTCSS (PL) type frequency. My local police department uses a frequency (143.08500 MHz) with a...
  7. N

    Looking for mobile antenna advice - selection and mounting.

    I'm a noob and finally got my first radio for Christmas. I will be using a Kenwood TM-D710GA on a 2017 Toyota Tundra. I have no idea what type of antenna to get and was hoping you can help me pick one. Usage: I'm not interested in HF. I would like to maybe explore hitting repeaters in the area...
  8. P

    Not picking up any local frequencies on my new BCD436HP

    Hi Guys and Gals, New to scanning here. Just recieved my new BCD436HP today! For some reason though, I can not pick up any of my local radio traffic? I'm trying to listen to police, fire and ems in Lafayette County Mississippi. I don't think I'm an idiot, I doubt our local emergency traffic is...
  9. J

    What's possible with this setup? How/when to improve?

    I've just started exploring radio, and I'm totally captivated by how it works and what you can do with it. Unfortunately, I'm so new, I don't know if my setup is working well - maybe I'm doing something stupid like using the wrong antenna and don't know it - so I'm asking for some general...
  10. E

    i have it programed, now what

    Hello all, I'm really new to all of this. My family had a scanner from the 80s that we used everyday until a few months ago. I got my dad a Uniden BCD996P2 for Christmas. I just got the premium membership so I can easily find the frequencies and everything for my area. I uploaded them to the...
  11. M

    Need help setting up boat radio antenna

    Hello RR, my buddy and I have a sailboat we are getting ready for trips along the California coast. Currently it's docked in the LA harbor and we have it tied up in a dock while we work on it. Among many projects, the one I'm currently working on is setting up the radio for marine VHF usage. I...
  12. S

    Will this homade antenna work?

    I put a mag antenna on to of an umbrella stand. Then grounded the thing to the roof. This is probably a stupid build, I have 0% spending money and had to use what I had around the house. I haven't tested the SWR yet (can't find the meter) and haven't transmitted yet (don't want to risk...
  13. B

    BCT15x Help for Orlando, FL

    I'm fairly new to the scanner world and recently got a BCT15x. I manually programmed it to my area and was stumbled why it kept saying "Finding Control Channel.." After weeks of research and many videos watched, I find out that Orlando broadcasts on an ACPO 25 system, which my scanner doesn't...
  14. T

    Hi all SDR NOOB help!

    Hello all, ive been wanting to buy an SDR for a good wile, now looking in to them im seeing a lot of the ones on Ebay do not say there for US countries. Im trying to find a decent radio for around 10 -20 bucks. can someone help me for choosing one i could use ? Im in the East US in PA. i found...
  15. apsyms

    Need Help Programming VX-800

    Hey all, I recently purchased 2 VX-800s (vhf and uhf), as well as a programming cable, and am looking to program each. Both radios are already programmed from the previous owner, but I am have a lot of difficulties programming it myself. I have the latest CE-31 software and the Prolific driver...
  16. G

    newbie needs programming help

    I just bought a Whistler WS1040 and am having programming issues. I am trying to get law police and fire for Cleveland Ohio southwest suburbs esp. Berea. I have created a p25 network using the 4 control frequencies on RR and entered all the talk group code I can find but I rarely hear both ends...