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help programing

  1. F

    Help programming in tri cities

    I have a BC796D scanner, a guy at my FD programmed it for me using the computer. I am not sure what software. I just need to add a tac channel to Richmond and would like to add Richmond ambulance and also VSP. I am clueless when it comes to programming trunk. If anyone can help that would be great.
  2. C

    ICOM Programming issues...need help.

    Hi all, in need of assistance. I have 6 ICOM IC-F3021S portable radios, that are in need of programming. Before anyone throws at me for not being a "licensed ICOM tech., I understand, and do not need that as answer, or "take it to a certified dealer". That's not why im here. I have acquired...
  3. J

    BC75XLT troubleshooting HELP

    when the scanner turns on it doesnt do the original opening up screen where it shows the copyright page it goes directly to the "scan" screen where it shows all the banks 1-10 on the top of the screen and LocOut on the screen and i have tried resetting and unlocking and it still has not changed.
  4. L

    New to Uniden BCD996 XT

    Hi out there, as many others, I am completely new to the more modern and complex scanners. I was able to scrape along with my PRO-2067 here on Cape Cod so I could listen to the local PD and FD. I now have the new 996XT and I am just looking at it, on my desk, lol. It is heavy, and makes a great...
  5. iamawolfe2

    Brevard County, help programming PSR-600

    Thanks for reading my post. I've been able to programme my PSR-600 with BCSO, Cocoa/Rockledge and BCFR with no problems. I'm unable to hear Melbourne or Palm Bay and need some help. Would appreciate any assistance. Thanks. Don W4GCW
  6. wpd019

    Basic programming for BCT15X

    I've been trying to manually program one conventional group of frequencies, and have the scanner only scan that group. It has been a complicated process so far. I don't have the need for a trunked system right now, so I don't want to use it. It is set to Alabama Highway Patrol automatically...
  7. K

    New user seeks guidance from seasoned user who is willing to try to fix stupid.

    Challenge: I dusted off the old Pro-96, picked up a USB/PC Cable from RS (#20-546), installed the drivers and ARC96 trial software. Then I accessed the RadioReference.com Database and dl'd the stuff for zip 08740, Ocean County, NJ. What shows up on the ARC96 matrix looks nothing like the data I...
  8. N

    Homepatrol vs BCD996 XT Programming Software

    I have a dilemma I hope some of you can help me with. I am looking at purchasing a scanner. I am a HAM and have programmed many scanners in my day, however never a trunking scanner with GPS. Here is what I want to do. My goal is a scanner that I will have in my car while I travel all of the...
  9. D


    anyone know how to listen to talk group on a pro163? i know how to program frequency's in but that all
  10. D

    need help

    is there anyone that can help me program my new trunking scanne. i know a few things im just confused on things like the fleep maps and the talkgroups id's . i have a radio shack pro163 base/mobile scanner. o an i dont have a programming bable..doing it by hand..thanks