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kansas city mo

  1. P

    Kansas City, MO

    Anyone know anything as to why this feed has been offline for several days? Or if it has moved how I might access the new location? I am very new to this and have much to learn. :) Thanks
  2. D

    Kansas City P25 Live Feed online

    I think I have everything fixed and up and running. Kansas City Fire and Police is back up and running on the P25 digital. It is still being improved and I'm still learning but it looks like we are good to go. I am trying to adjust the volume issue and I got all the feedback and questions you...
  3. conrad314

    Kansas City Skywarn Internet feeds ????

    I'm wondering if anyone knows of any online feeds for Skywarn in the Kansas CIty area? I find it hard to believe out of all of the metro skywarn fregs. no one is streaming them. About half the time I would enjoy listening, i'm stuck at work and can't bring my scanner in.