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  1. D

    Changing the Title of my scanner feed

    I have stopped providing a feed from some frequencies; however, the title of my feed includes them in its title. I have found no way to edit the title of the feed myself. If anyone can provide me with a link or contact where I can submit a request to change the title of my feed that would be...
  2. Astrogoth13

    Baofeng would sell a lot more UV-5R's if...

    If the firmware of the radio was open source and flashable. Tinkerers/elmers/survival types etc etc could add or remove features as desired. Make the UV-5R a radio Swiss army knife. Sales would jump up. What features or changes would you like to see?
  3. JamesPrine

    PRO-92 backlight LCD upgrade?

    Does any outfit perform backlight LCD upgrades for the venerable PRO-92? Even when mine was brand spanking new in 1999, the backlight was a weak, sickly green, like you might receive from an anemic firefly <g>. My biggest gripe with this terrific scanner has always been the weak and...