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montgomery county

  1. GShock75

    Montgomery County Question

    I am rather new to the scanning hobby got my scanner about a month ago, with that being said, I am sure there are plenty of you that speak in lingo that is way over my head, I will learn it, but it takes time. I spent a decent amount of time (about a month or 2) researching a decent scanner...
  2. E

    Montgomery County

    I an a real novice scanner in Montgomery County and do not believe I have the skills to program my BC796D to accomodate the rebanding trunking used by MCPD and some others. Can someone refer me to a shop somewhere in or near Montgomery County that might do this for me? thanks very much Ed
  3. D

    Frequency Change Liberty County Tx

    I understand that the Liberty County Sheriff Department has left Texas Warn and went digital, does anyone know how to get the new frequencies? also Montgomery County Sheriff Tx. I don't know where to and can't find them anywhere!!
  4. B

    Montgomery County Illinois - What Happened to the Online Feed?

    It's been a few months since I logged in. I used to listen to the online scanner for Montgomery county illinois but now it says there's no feeds available. Anyone know what happened? Can't seem to find any information on this. I believe I used to access here: Montgomery County, Illinois (IL)...
  5. radioscan

    Montgomery County Snow Monitoring

    With the snow event over the weekend, I have noticed a few changes here in Montgomery County. Kettering DPW seems to have abandoned the 158.8350 repeater. Nil heard and we have found Kettering Salt Plows talking on TGID 10352 KET GOVT 1 on the county TRS. I am hearing Harrison Township Salt...