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morse code

  1. O

    Copying Morse Code transmission

    I working at getting my speed at 20 WPM but I have a problem in writing that fast so I lag behind and with the first 5 Radom letter sets of 5 I loose it. Does anyone have any hints on how to keep writing up with the transmission?
  2. w2xq

    History: Brasspounding on Wheels

    History, fortunately not lost to the paper shredders and recycling, thanks to archive.org. Charles Clemens, K6QD, writes of his experience as the first CW operator at the White House. In 1942 he was reassigned from WAR to travel aboard the Presidential train Old 1401 carrying Presidents...
  3. w2xq

    Morse Code... have a read...

    https://morsecode.scphillips.com I found this buried in my Evernote clippings from 2012. Want to learn CW? Want to translate text into sound or light? Or use an audio decoder? Some really interesting things! I especially love the translator tool.... fun. Be sure to read the FAQ at the page...
  4. W

    Adventures with CW

    Good day fellow hams and those interested in the hobby. Mike - W9ODX here from the Central Indiana area. About three months ago I decided that I wanted to venture out from the world of VHF/UHF repeaters and explore the world of HF (since I am a new upgrade to the General class license). There...
  5. K4EET

    Anybody a CW Ops Member Here? Want to help me learn code better?

    Since I have been seeing a few threads here about the desire to learn Morse Code or to better their "CW" code speed, I thought that I would start a (hopefully) informative thread on how best to do that, programs out there to help you learn Morse Code, etc. There is a popular and prominant...
  6. T

    Beginner CW HF transceiver

    Hello. I have my technician license and I am studying for my general license. I am thinking about getting an HF radio (within the next couple of months). I have also been learning CW and I can do most of the characters. Because of this I would be interested in an radio that would work with CW...
  7. M

    CW on Channel 64A every 30 minutes

    CW repeating on 156.2250 marine CH64A every 30 minutes. I live 200+ miles from the coast but fairly close to the Savannah River. The only ships that can navigate this far up the river would be rather small. I started scanning the marine band after reading about hunters illegally using it...