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new scanner

  1. F

    Uniden Patrol II

    Hay guys I am wanting to get a scanner I had a ws 1040. I returned it. I could not program it. I want a easy to program scanner. Plus I live inLancaster city in Pennsylvania. I want to listen to police fire aircraft and EMT calls. I need the frequencys for them. A computer program that can...
  2. L

    best new scanner availible.

    i am updating from a bc396xt. i would like to see what is the best available right now. with my bc396xt the p25 always sounds gargled . thanks for the help!
  3. T

    New Scanner BCD436HP

    hello I have bought a new BCD436HP and I was wanting to ask what are the systems I can monitor and which ones cannot Monitor oh and By The way I really have Enjoyed Listening to IL State Police on district 22 all help will be apprietaied
  4. jasejoSK

    New scanners coming in December?

    Hello everyone, greetings from Europe, Slovakia. I'm new to the area of scanners, not owning single one yet. Finally, decided to buy one a few months ago so done quite a lot of research about scanners and radio systems and so on. There are not many digital networks in my area to listen to...
  5. U

    Pro 106 and AWIN

    I recently upgraded to a RadioShack Pro 106 and am new to the AWIN system. I am wanting to program most of the towers in the state if not all. What would be the best way? Create individual systems (based on a set number of counties, i.e AWIN 1 with Faulkner, Pulaski, Saline, Lonoke)? Does one...
  6. A


    I have an older Radio Shack scanner that no longer picks up my local police and sherriff departments as they have all gone digital, APCO25. I am looking to purchase a new scanner that will receive them again. My question is, which one is best out there right now? I'm not new to programming, but...