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priority mode

  1. Mrthor3232

    BCD536HP: Priority Channels not working.

    In my favorites list I have set some conventional and some digital channels for my priority scans. I only can get one conventional channel to work. I double check the settings but it will not do my other channels that were set to priority. Can someone please help.
  2. P

    Priority id scan not working.

    Been trying to use pri id scan for the 396xt on a motorola trunk system but something seems to be wrong. One tgid is flagged as priority and the group quick key is enabled, yet when I try to toggle pri modes the scanner says no channel... Pri id scan is enabled in the system options. Missing...
  3. F

    PSR-600 Missing Transmissions?

    Hi all, At the moment my PSR-600 is set up to scan two lists, each containing primary dispatch and a couple special car-car channels for one agency each, each agency tied to the same site of a statewide multi-site Motorola analog system. (It's the Oklahoma DPS system, Norman site, and I'm...
  4. del1964

    Priority ID Scan BCD396XT

    I did do some searching around thru the forums here and apparently it's definitely true. I have tried everything I could think of and I cannot get priority ID scan to work on the Indiana SAFET system. I tied turning off and on the system settings priority scan function and off and on the...
  5. D

    396XT Priority Mode problem

    I'm having a problem with the 396XT and Priority Mode. On the 396XT you can change the Priority Scan Interval to something other than 2 seconds. This is a great feature. The problem is changing the interval seems to have no effect when a trunk group is being scanned. If you have an analog...