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  1. E

    collect multiple streams into one?

    I simultaneously monitor multiple frequencies and would like to place them in one stream. They are low use but when they are used, they all are used simultaneously. Think rural public safety; long periods of no traffic but then a car wreck and fire, police, rescue, EMS all have traffic at the...
  2. T

    Updated List Of BC Highway logging channels

    I recently had my Icom IC-5023H stolen from my truck which came programmed with all the channels needed in BC. Highway, logging, resource roads etc. I have a Kenwood TK--7180k with the programming software but the radio shops refuse to give me the list they use to program the radios they sell...
  3. A

    GMRS settings

    I am looking to program my kt-8900 to the GMRS frequencies using CHIRP. Does anyone have the GMRS settings (or a link to them) including the tone and other settings that I may need?
  4. Y

    Uniden BCD436HP Questions

    As per previous post. I am new to the radio group. I recently purchased a Uniden scanner, and some tips and tricks would be much appreciated. I am slowly learning how to properly use the radio, but I am unsure how it exactly works.. understand for analog, to properly program, you need a...
  5. Y

    ICOM IC-F70T Program

    Hi there, I am new to the amateur radio hobby and am curious to programming "ICOM F70T" (Analog Only) Model. I am saving up for a digital capable scanner due to the Victoria Area Services are mainly "CREST". But for the time being I want to learn how to properly program and the ins/outs of...
  6. W

    USAlert Pager Programming

    Is there a online programming software I could download? Thanks.
  7. M

    Programming TK-361

    I have some Kenwood TK-361 radios I would like to program with different frequencies but not able to connect with the lead I have. It is for Kenwood radios but for models like the TH-F7 so I suspect it is wrong. I am using a laptop with windows 7 pro and using DOSbox 0.74 which opens the KPG34D...
  8. C

    BCD996P2: Don't Understand

    My mother bought a new BCD996P2 scanner so she can listen to the local PD/FD. They joined Omaha's ORION (Omaha Regional Interoperability Network) last year so she can't hear them now. I have been trying to learn what everything is but I don't know where to start. I look at Fremont, Nebraska's...
  9. W

    Programming Repeater Names

    New to HAM radio and I was wanting opinions on how most HAMs name the local repeaters into their mobiles. What works for you what did'nt work. I'm limited to 10 characters in my radio. Do you... A: program the RX frequency, ie: "147.000" B: program a custom name, ie: "your county/club...
  10. D

    Need help with programming Kenwood radio!!!

    Hello! Let me start by saying that I have a general knowledge of radios/scanners and how to program them and I am generally okay when it comes to dealing with computer software. I recently came into possession of an older Kenwood UHF FM Transceiver. It is a Kenwood TK-372G. My department got all...
  11. T

    TRX-2: Easy method for importing and splitting P25's into multiple scanlists

    The trial and error way I ended up doing mine is that I imported the entire P25 system into scanlist 001. 1. I went through and clicked on most all the trunk ID's that I knew I wasn't interested in, and clicked "REMOVE", *not* delete. Better not to click delete, just remove. 2. Then I...
  12. E

    Temple University

    Hey Guys, Was looking for help to program my scanner to the Temple University Police scanner frequency in Philadelphia PA. I've tried a few ways and no luck so far. Anything you can assist with will be greatly appreciated!
  13. B

    BCT15X Trunking Help

    I have had no issue with programming the conventional channels in as I have many standard non-trunking scanners over the years. Luckily in my are (Kitsap) there are not to many organizations using trunked systems. I finally bought myself a scanner that accepts trunking and decided to play around...
  14. N7iOS

    Baofeng Offset frequency issue w/ CHIRP

    I am trying to program my Baofeng UV82 and i am using seperate TX frequencies by setting the Duplex to "Split" and then putting the TX Freq in the Offset column. This is right and it transfers to radio alright. However, when i save my file and open it back up, those offset TX Freq's now display...
  15. S

    BC346XT: usb cable

    I am trying to connect the scanner to my laptop. I have a 9 pin male serial to usb cable that connects to the female cable supplied with the unit. When I try to download files from FreeScan I get a communication error cannot communicate with the scanner. I have used this usb cable to program...
  16. S


    looking for recommendations on programming software prefer free for the BCD436HP. Not sure if it will already some set up the way i want for Palm Beach County FL sheriff and fire rescue, as well as a couple private frequencies. Thank you in advance, cant wait to get the new scanner this week...
  17. F

    Need help with West Bloomfield Fire Department frequency

    Hi guys, I have problem with West Bloomfield Fire Department frequency. I Programmed my uniden BCD436HP and wouxun KG-UV8D radio with frequency that i found from radioreference database. but the problem i have is i can't hear anything except Dispatch. I checked my frequency and Tone but i can't...
  18. G

    bc355n can I reset/remove a channel?

    while programming the PRIVATE bank,...i started heading toward a freq i wanted, somehow I wound up programming a random freq as CHAN 2. I would like to figure out how to correct it and get the use of CHANNEL 2 again.
  19. S

    Two Tone Detect Help!

    I am new to this whole program. I was thrust into the position rather quickly and am in need of some assistance so please bare with me, I am trying to enter the fire department tones into the tone editor. However some departments have a mutual aid agreement so they have separate tones. For...
  20. A

    Help: Programming VX-3200U

    I am trying to program a VX-3200U using CE-52E v4.5 I have made sure the com port is correct, but I cannot do anything to the radio and the software acts as if it doesn't even detect the radio. I am using a CT-104 cable, could that be the problem that I need to use a VPL-1 cable instead? Thanks!