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programming for newbie

  1. B

    Kenwood TK-5410 programming

    I have a friend who bought a kenwood tk-5410 off of EBay. It was not dealer programmed. He is having a problem finding out how to program the radios. Could anyone help?
  2. O

    396T manual programming help

    Hello everyone, I'm new to scanning and the forum, so I appreciate your patience and help. I purchased a number of months ago a 396T. The gentleman who originally programmed it, has unfortunately passed away and am trying to figure everything out on my own. He programmed the unit perfectly in...
  3. 7

    New to the 436HP

    Hi All, I am new to the BCD436HP and the modern scanning world. The last time i used a scanner it was using crystals...LOL yes, I know years ago. Anyways I am trying to help an older uncle get this programmed. I have read the manual a couple of times but it just isn't syncing in. I want...
  4. S

    Minitor V On/Off Duty not saving

    I have very limited experience programming pagers. I have done some read on the on/off duty option. I have 4 sets of tones programmed into a pager. I have flagged one set to "off" for off duty and set the function of SW-A to "Enable on/off duty". I then press ok at the bottom of the box and...
  5. K

    TYT TH-F5 Help Programming

    Hello All, Newbie and first post. I am getting back into Amature radio along with my Dad KC2JQQ so we can spend time together. We are both x-military radio operators, Him AirForce, me Navy. So, I bought this nice little unit thinking I could pop in some of the local repeaters and be off and...
  6. 1

    Programming Help Needed BADLY!! :(

    I got a SC150 Handheld Scanner today, And I need help programming it. I've been successful on programming it for some frequencies. But not the ones I actually want to listen to. I've searched Google all day. And also have read the Manual over and over, and still can't figure out how to program...
  7. F

    PL Tones and Courtesy/Roger Beep

    So, I have my F-6021 UHF radio programmed with all of the channels that I need. I have a few repeater channels that require a PL tone, however I do not see a field in the channel programming page where I can insert a PL tone. Also, I would like the radio to transmit a courtesy beep, or a roger...
  8. G

    New Jersey Programmers??Anywhere??

    I have had a Radio Shack Pro-106 for about a year and have not had the patience to program it. Does anyone know someone in New Jersey that will program a scanner for a fee? I don't mind paying if they know how to do it. Thanks for any advice.
  9. helvis

    my new radio shack pro-106 scanner...

    I just bought one a month ago and am stuck programming it. I live in San Diego county and want to listen to all the oceanside p.d., f.d. and municipal stuff. i entered all trunk channels from the 'north tower" site. i entered all the I.D tags ( double and triple checked them) and still I get...
  10. R

    Need help with used scanner...

    I just bought a used Radio Shack hand-held scanner off eBay and it was pre-programmed with a bunch of frequencies from some other place. I just want to delete ALL the stuff on here and start from scratch. I followed the instructions that came on the CD, but it just isn't working. Is there any...