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  1. yeg_scan

    Need Uniden Protocol Help with Arduino

    I am trying to complete a project with my BCT15X and an Arduino. I have everything done except cannot get a peep from the scanner. So I have a few questions, and am wondering if someone could help me on this one. First .. what pins are used on the BACK of the scanner for remote communication ...
  2. X

    BCD396XT: STS strange characters BCD396XT

    Is there any documentation for what the strange characters returned by the STS command are for the BCD396XT? The spec says it should be just text, but it isn't. From what I can tell, 166 means 1 bar signal, 167 means 2 bars on L1_CHAR Then I can see when HOLD is on the screen it returns...
  3. U

    PC/IF Protocol Documentation

    Hello all, I'm a software guy by trade, and I'd like to write my own software for programming my RadioShack Pro 106. I've been trying to find the documentation for the protocols that are used. The GRE PSR-500 manual lists the "Remote Control Protocol" in Appendix A and the "CCDump" protocol...