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quick call ii

  1. D

    XTS2500 and 5000, P25 Quick Call II

    I may be searching the wrong way but haven't found much info on it. I was recently made Fire Chief with my department back in October and I am looking for a way to streamline our radio usage for more coverage and better reception. We currently use XTS and XTL radios, 2500 and 5000 models of...
  2. G

    Programming XPR for Quick Call II

    I have some XPR 6550 portable radios. I would like to have one channel act as a pager for Quick Call II calls. I have programmed HT1250 and CDM radios no problem, however the XPR series does not act in the same fashion. Does anyone have feed back on this would be great. Thanks Graham
  3. J

    Schematic for Quick Call II Tone Genertor

    Hi All I need to build a QC II Tone Generator for a project, Does anyone can send a pointer where I can get a schematic for the circuit Best Regards Jose Magni