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  1. K

    Raspberry Pi2

    I have tried many many times to setup one of my 4 feeds on a raspberry pi but i can never make it work. I have tried every way possible. I have tried suggestions that are on this site but nothing works. Even tried the image that someone has made to make it work and it didn't. I don't understand...
  2. brizzotheizzo

    DarkIce/CPU problem?

    So I have the following setup. Imgur Raspberry pi #1 is streaming the scanner feed via DarkIce. And Raspberry pi#2 is feeding ADS-B data to flight aware. Both units are apprx 15-20 feet from my router, and are giving excellent signals. However, when trying to feed the Pi connected to the...
  3. M

    HamRadioScience.com - ADS-B Sharing Server on a Stick (or a Raspberry Pi)

    [forward...] ADS-B Sharing Server on a Stick (or a Raspberry Pi) Introduction Many ADS-B hobbyist like to share data with the public. Their are several sharing services out there that one can use to do this. However, one of the draw backs of sharing data to some hobbyist is having to tie up...
  4. frazpo

    Scanner feed using Rasberry Pi ?

    Its sounds like a rather cheap experiment and it just might work. Be neat to see someone give it s shot at feeding with it. You would need a USB soundcard and it would need to run linux. You will see in one of the videos of running the game Quake. Raspberry Pi | An ARM GNU/Linux box for $25...