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scan issue

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    APX 7000XE Strange Scan Sound

    When I scan analog frequencies and someone is talking I hear a quick burst through their voice almost like doubling or garbling underwater. It's really fast and happens every second only when scan is on. It's almost like the scan is fluttering rapidly through channels.
  2. A

    Icom F1721 doesn't scan

    Hello, I recently got IC-1721 off of ebay for ham use (analog), Rx/Tx very well but does not scan, given that I have properly programmed scan lists into the radio. I just upgraded to the latest firmware 3.1 and that did not fix the problem. Any idea why? I'd appreciate your feedback.
  3. S

    How to Program Channel to Auto-Scan

    I have been searching for weeks to find an answer, so now I have joined your community in hopes that I can resolve this: My workplace uses for the most part some cheap Baofeng 888's, and a couple UV-82's. The 888's were programmed so that when set to channel 4, it would scan channels 1-3...
  4. E

    xts 5000 modle 3 trunked programming

    yes when I edited my scan list to add zone 8 channel 1 to scan it will shows it in the scan list after I write the radio but wont work but all the other I put in work for some reason it the only zone 8 and channel 1 also when I am on that zone 8 and channel 1 I can not even put the...
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    BCD536HP: Not stopping on active channel

    I have just purchased a new BCD536 Scanner, I have it set up for location scanning via GPS. All is great and it follows my travels well. One major issue that has me stumped is on MPSCS system in Michigan, Kalamazoo County Sheriff is not encrypted but scanner will not stop on any of there...