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trunk tracker

  1. C

    Houston wrecker driver needs help with programing

    Im a wrecker driver in the houston texas area.... I have a bearcat bct8 trunk tracker and would like to know if anyone from my area has the ability to program my radio for me with all of harris county trunking system. I am willing to bring my radio to you and pay $$$ for your help. My mobile...
  2. V

    Problem with Pro-2066 scanner not receiving...

    I have a problem with a trunk tracker PRO-2066 scanner not receiving local 800mhz Motorola trunk system II. It does trunk with the current data channels used (showing the ---- line) but I only hear transmissions on freqs ending with .450 and .950 the all the other freqs ending with .3625, .375...
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    P25 Trunked scanning question

    I have a BCD 396T scanner. I live in Colorado where the fire dept I work for uses the P25 statewide system. I am having trouble getting my head around the correct programming method for this system and my scanner. I have the correct channel trunk ID's and have them programmed. As I...
  4. S

    San Francisco County Digital Scanner question

    Hello, so i'm from San Francisco City, California, San Francisco County. I have a digital trunk scanner (PRO-96) which I was trying to monitor the Narcotics channel because it seems so interesting to hear about the stings; especially when the show DEA just came out, i was so excited to monitor...