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trunking problem

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    Amateur Kick-starting Guide

    Hello Everyone, I live in Wake County, and I'm pretty new at this whole radio thing. Im an aspiring junior firefighter, and Ive been wanting to listen to wake fire frequencies for a while, but Ive run into a snag. On my current analog scanner (Whistler WS1010) I am unable to listen to some...
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    Multiple control channels

    I have a Motorola XTS 5000 800mhz 9600 baud trunking. I'm currently monitoring a trunking system of my city, but I have some problems. The system has 4 control channels and some of them only monitor specific talkgroups. So the radio only scans one control channel and I can't listen all the...
  3. B

    Listening to nysp on a scanner please help me

    Idk WTF is wrong with my scanner! Yes i have a P25 Phase 1&2 capable scanner. I can't seem to get a goddamn PEEP out of it from the NYS Metro-25 system. Not even from the MTA PD talkgroups or NYC Sheriffs. I've tried many combos of setup in the EZScan programmig software (i have a PSR-800)...
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    Trunking Issue: Site "Finding Ctrl Chan"

    Hello Everyone, I am relatively new to the world of Scanners and I recently purchased a Uniden BC346XTC, Stock Everything. I am a Volunteer Firefighter and I got the scanner as a way to monitor my department's communications and for use as a Fire Tone Out Monitor at night. I have configured...
  5. D

    BCT15: Used Webserivce to program BCT 15 but not working.

    I used the radio reference web service to program my BCT 15 but i seems to not pick anything up? I have a Uniden Home Patrol that picks my whole county up but the 15 wont pick up anything. Does anyone have any ideas?
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    Radio Shack PRO-94

    Hi Everyone, I am new to trunking scanners and only have novice experience with analog scanners. I just picked up a Radio Shack PRO-94 Dual Trunking Scanner secondhand. I am having some trouble with it and was wondering if anyone could help me out or at least give me some insight on what...