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  1. K

    pro 651 and Win500

    OK, Just paid 30 bucks to get my RR database access updated. Now I can't figure out how in the world to assign a talk group to a tsys using win500. Dont answer cut and paste...that's not the right answer.... I download from the RR database selecting some sites and then some talk groups...
  2. U

    Pro-106 TSYS Analysis

    When I was messing around with my 106 I accidentally found something called an "analysis mode" for a TSYS object. I can't seem to find it again. Does anyone know how to get to it and what it does? I searched both the RadioShack and the GRE manual, and only the GRE mentions it in the CCDump...
  3. R


    I have a RadioShack 106 and I don't understand how to program the trunk systems into it. this is all new for me. Will some one help me or get me to good sites so I can learn? Thanks