2015 Ford Taurus

Mar 8, 2008
Somewhere deep below the earth/ND
Hey guys, looking for any input on installing a dual band radio (yaesu ftm100) in a 15 ford Taurus sel.
Also looking to see where the best place would be to install a remote head that would be kinda out of the way.
Right now Im thinking about a seat bolt pedestal mount.

Also looking at drilling one hole for nmo antenna in the roof. Anyone have any pictures of a install in these Taurus's. I'm not sure if roof is still steel or aluminum like the f-150s are.

Jun 16, 2013
Only Taurus's I've done installs on are the PI Sedans...so those typically have aftermarket consoles. Where I usually mount remote head radios, underside of the the trunk deck. Power typically comes from the power tap Ford provides in the trunk. I don't know if the power tap is present in a non-PI version but to check all you have to do is unscrew the two retaining nuts next to the driver's side tail light (in side the trunk) and fold the "carpet" out of the way. If there is a red plastic cover about floor level in the fender well, you've got power.

As far as antenna mounting goes, either the roof or the trunk lid should be adequate. The trunk lid isn't difficult to do cleanly (you will just be drilling the hole somewhat blind so you will need an NMO holesaw) and the coax can simply follow the support structure of the trunk lid and come out next to the OE wiring harness, down the hinge and into the trunk.