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2096 scan speed

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Nov 29, 2005
is there any way to adjust the scan speed on the pro 2096..i have read manual and it says nothing other than the speed rates


Jan 11, 2005
Newton, KS
Slowing it down is simple. Add more bogus frequencies in between the valid ones.

000 159.16500
001 1300.0000
002 154.84500
003 1300.0000
004 154.32500
005 1300.0000

I suppose you could even duplicate the frequency a couple of times to simulate more hang-time on each channel.

You can't speed it up at all other than removing frequencies/banks. Doesn't really speed it up, but it will roll back around to the desired frequencies more often...... It just wasn't one of those features that most people wanted (HYPER-SCAN from the older models)

On a trunked system, just program in your control channel. Be sure the scanner delay is off and set the Talkgroup delay to 500 ms since most systems have a built in hang-time already. (MAN, PROG, TRUNK, FUNC, DELAY and then scroll thru available values) WIN96 allows you to enter a specific value in milliseconds, but I don't know if the scanner defaults it to one of the preset values or not (ie 250ms defaults to 500ms). But then you may miss some replies....
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