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9-20-11 CMH Disaster Excercise

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Columbus Airport Disaster Excerise will commence on 9-20-11 around 0600 until 1600. Details are unknown at this time. These are usually large mass casuality incident simulations.

Expect radio traffic on event, disaster, and hospital talk groups on , Franklin County Public Safety Trunking System, Columbus, Ohio - Scanner Frequencies, and possibly Ohio MARCS - Multi-Agency Radio Communications Trunking System, Statewide, Multi-State - Scanner Frequencies.

All transmissions should include "this is an excerise" before and after each transmission.

41424 - RED EVENT Disaster Operations Center (Confirmed Excerise Dispatch)

You also may or may not hear traffic on:

41456 - RED X Red Cross Dispatch
41360 - EMA 1 County EMA
41392 - EMA 2 County EMA
14352 - EOC Regional EOC
09104 - CRAA SE1 CRAA event operations
09136 - CRAA SE2 CRAA event operations
00176 - 9 TRIAGE EMS triage
00208 - 9 TRANS EMS transport
13776 - CFD EVT1
13808 - CFD EVT2

Hospital Talk Groups
City and County Event Talk Groups
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41424 - RED EVENT Disaster Operations Center (Confirmed Excerise Dispatch)
Confirmed Excerise Dispatch for Red Cross, perhaps; I just bet most everything else will be on CRAA SE1 and SE2.

Maybe :)
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