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AR Department of Corrections location map & conventional frequencies


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Mar 10, 2005
Jailhouse blues.....

I don't how to post to the RR Wiki - maybe someone can put this in there for us?

I made the attached map while looking around on the ADC website.

The following list are the conventional repeaters licensed to ADC, some are used at multiple locations. 44.62000 PRISON - A
44.66000 PRISON - B
44.74000 PRISON - C
44.78000 PRISON - D
45.20000 PRISON - E
453.36250 PRISON - F
453.41250 PRISON - G
453.43750 PRISON - H
453.56250 PRISON - I
453.68750 PRISON - J
453.73750 PRISON - K
453.76250 PRISON - L
453.81250 PRISON - M
453.83750 PRISON - N
453.86250 PRISON - O
455.26250 PRISON - P
455.31250 PRISON - Q
460.10000 PRISON - R
460.11250 PRISON - S
460.20000 PRISON - T
460.26250 PRISON - U
460.30000 PRISON - V
460.31250 PRISON - W
460.43750 PRISON - X
460.47500 PRISON - Y



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Dec 18, 2002
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ADC primarily uses the AWIN for transport between facilities, and from court to prison. The conventional systems are for use at facilities, and as backup for AWIN. They have not yet made a full switch to AWIN, thank goodness as the sheer number of TG's they would need would tie up the AWIN badly unless they built out sites at each facility like has been done on MSWIN, SAFE-T, TACN, and to an degree, LWIN.