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BC785D Issues

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Oct 27, 2011
Recently purchased a used BC785D online, was working fine when I received the unit but now I am having a few issues. First off, I can't get a line of buttons to work on the touchpad (2, 5, 8, 0, and PRI). I don't know if this if a fixable issue or not. Also, the scanner keeps getting locked in on one channel while in scan mode after leaving it on for a few hours.

Anyone familiar with these issues or have any suggestions/fixes for these problem?. Any advice/help is greatly appreciated!!!


The buttons not working are probably due to a bad connection, pulling and reseating the ribbon cable to front display board is a good start.

What do you mean it keeps getting locked in on one channel. Is there activity on the channel, interference, any indication of a received signal strength? Try adjusting the squelch?

Need a better description of the problem to help you more there. Describe it for us and we will try to help! I own a couple 785's and never had the stuck on a channel problem but i did have the display problem and buttons that didn't work, took it apart unplugged and reseated cables and fixed.
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