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Oct 21, 2005
Wethersfield, CT
Hey all,

Just got my BCD996T on thursday. I told myself I was gonna wait till college was out so I actually studied instead of playing with the scanner but that didn't last long. I ordered it from http://www.bearcatwarehouse.com and i coulnd't have been happier with the service and price was great.

I did all the programming with the UASD software prior to receiving the unit so when I did get it all I had to do was connect and download. Took me about 11 minutes to get used to the new features and the differences between system/site quick keys, etc but i've got it down fine now and am very pleased with how user friendly this unit is. Also, props to uniden for giving us the registered software for free!

I'll be posting some pics of the install in my jeep soon once i get around to taking them. happy to be a member of the 996T family!

A quick question - is the lifetime on the backlight for this unit still the average LCD lifetime of about 100,000 hours? Thanks!


Realistic Pro-2022
Motorola SP-50 x 2


Aug 26, 2007
Ontario, Canada
Congradulations on getting a great scanner. Its very sophistacated and once you learn your way around it you begin to like it even more.

I'm not sure about the lifetime of the LEDs, 100,000 would give you about 11 years 24./7, and by then, well i'm sure the LEDs will be the least of your worries.

The only thing I would suggest is going to http://scannow.org and trying out FreeSCAN which is an alternative program to UASD.
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