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BCT15x - Random questions

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Feb 3, 2013
Minneapolis MN and Rochester NY
Howdy all. I got a GPS for myself for Christmas so I have been messing around with it and the scanner all afternoon. I noticed a few different things; I usually just listen so these things only jump out when I am actually punching buttons.

1. When the GPS locks out a system it doesn't mark it with the '*' like if you manually used the quick key to lock it out. Is that normal? That is a little annoying. I want to see that the GPS locks and unlocks the systems visually.

2. I recall that I used to be able to see the line of 0-9 of group quick keys right below the system line. I no longer see this and it is really nice to see the scanner working its way though the groups. Is there a way I can turn that back on? As of right now if I push the function key it works like I want, but only momentary.

3. Is there any way to quickly see all the channels that I have done a temporary lock out on? As I am driving it will sometimes get stuck on a random channel and I lock it out and I would love a quick way to see all them and clear the ones I wish.

4. Is there anyway to assign the 'pre-programmed' systems like HAM and Air to a quick key?

Thanks all for helping me out with my novice questions.


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Apr 19, 2004
Arlington, TX
1. Lock/unlock is not the same as enabling/disabling QK's. GPS uses the lock/unlock function so that you can still independently control which systems are affected by using their Quick Keys.

2. Press F to see GQK status.

3. Only by scrolling through channels.

4. Yes. SearchWithScan < UnidenMan4 < TWiki
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