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Best Control Channel for Birmingham TRS.

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May 23, 2003
After a lot of programming and monitoring, I have fornd that using 857.23750
(or 860.23750 - which ever one is active) on the Jefferson CO. TRS works
best for monitoring Public Safety Talkgroups. All Birmingham PD, FD & Jefferson County talkgroups can be tracked using this control channel.
The Jeff. CO. system (WNHV507) & the BHM. system (WPZE311) seem to operate
together with the ecxeption of a few analog & non-public safety talkgroups exclusive
to the Jefferson County System.
If you use one of the control channels on the BHM. system, you WILL NOT hear all
Talkgroups, even in "Open Mode"!
example: East Patrol unit 224 is on East Dispatch (50416) and you are using the
control channel 867.6125 (WPZE311). 224 decides to switch to Events-3 to talk
to another unit. You may or may not hear anything on Events-3 if there isn't a radio
using the same control channel currently affiliated with the zone 867.6125 is controlling.
If you use 857.2375 (WNHV507), you will hear Events-3 just fine. Guess it has something
to do with the way the Smartzone system is set up!
Hope the helps someone!
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