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Best way to arrange GMRS/FRS in scanner?

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Dec 1, 2007
Laramie, WY
I'm planning on putting the 22 frequencies for GMRS/FRS into my scanner (mainly for lack of anything better to do...thought I'd give identifying the local users a whirl, since it's a pretty damn small town in rural Wyoming that I'm listening to) and was wondering how the best way to arrange them would be...

I'm looking at the combined frequency chart on the Wiki, and that seems reasonably logical, since it would go from combined with low output, to FRS only, to combined service high output. However, I'd be open to other suggestions if anyone has any.


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Dec 19, 2002
I don't think it really matters since most scanners will go through 22 channels in about .001 seconds. :) I'd probably go with just FRS channels in the first position since those are the ones you'll get sick of first.


Jan 13, 2006
Well my Uniden BCD396T has all of the FRS/GMRS frequencies preprogrammed into it already in the following manner:

CH1 462.5625
CH2 462.5875
CH3 462.6125
CH4 462.6375
CH5 462.6625
CH6 462.6875
CH7 462.7125
CH8 467.5625
CH9 467.5875
CH10 467.6125
CH11 467.6375
CH12 467.6625
CH13 467.6875
CH14 467.7125
CH15 462.5500
CH16 462.5750
CH17 462.6000
CH18 462.6250
CH19 462.6500
CH20 462.6750
CH21 462.7000
CH22 462.7250

Although I don't use it to monitor the FRS/GMRS frequencies due to the fact that I have a pair of ICOM IC-F21GM (commercial grade GMRS H/H transceiver) and a pair of Motorola T5700 TalkAbout (FRS/GMRS bubble-pack type transceiver) that my GMRS license legally allows me to use, so I really have no need to tie up my scanner monitoring those frequencies.

However, I'm sure that any way you program your scanner with the FRS/GMRS frequencies would be satisfactory to your particular listening pleasure.

Happy monitoring!!!

Around here, my family and I are about the only ones on GMRS. I do hear a nearby industrial facility using the FRS frequencies though and one day they seemed a little upset when I just happened to use one of the many frequencies that they use when playing around with one of my sons with the little Motorola TalkAbouts...

I was really waiting for them to start yelling for me to GET OFF THEIR FREQUENCY!!!


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Jan 23, 2003
Yorktown, Virginia
I'd put them in ascending order so the scanner can just go through them a bit more quickly. And since they are organized in that manner, just put them in the channel order.

As stated, most newer scanners have the FRS/GMRS in their search options. On my 396 and a couple of other older scanners, I have them in their own (sub for the 396) bank. Just so I don't have to leave normal scanning.

If I ever get to the point where I need the space, I'll delete them.


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Sep 15, 2006
Fair Oaks, CA
GMRS & FRS frequencies

While the frequencies are already in there, that is in SEARCH mode and not SCAN mode. So I added them to a bank of amateur radio frequencies and they are intermixed in frequency order:

GMRS 1 462.550000
FRS 1 462.562500
GMRS 2 white . 462.575000
FRS 2 462.587500
GMRS 3 462.600000
FRS 3 462.612500
GMRS 4 black . 462.625000
FRS 4 462.637500
GMRS 5 462.650000
FRS 5 462.662500
GMRS 6 orange . 462.675000
FRS 6 462.687500
GMRS 7 462.700000
FRS 7 462.712500
GMRS 8 462.725000
FRS 8 467.562500
FRS 9 467.587500
FRS 10 467.612500
FRS 11 467.637500
FRS 12 467.662500
FRS 13 467.687500
FRS 14 467.712500
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