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Cap Codes ??

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Mar 10, 2012
Help with the Frequency Part

The Pilot XP pager can be programmed by hand.

You can set / change frequency and all 8 capcodes without software.

all other settings will require the software and cradle.
I can get the menu to open and I know how to set the cap codes but I can not get the frequency to come up, this pager was connected to a computer programmer once but its not correct anymore and needs to be changed. Is there any way to get the frequency to show up again. All help greatly Appreciated.

(This is all being done by hand this time) Without access to the programmer software.
May 14, 2012
Montco PA
Cap codes montco

I have a Apollo plot xp pager is the cap codes for montco still the same like the first page? Or they change I am looking for a list of cap codes for Montgomery country pa for fire and Ems? If you send my the list send it to a private messages if you could?


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Feb 17, 2008
Montgomery County uses the following CAP code format:
For fire companies with station IDs less than 100: 10xx005 where xx is the station number
For fire companies with station IDs greater than 99: 11xxx05 where xxx is the station number
Willow Grove - Station 10 - 1010005
Hatboro - Station 95 = 1095005
Noristown - Station 27 = 1027005
Abington - Station 100 = 1110005
Weldon - Station 300 = 1130005

Ambulance companies use the format 0xxx005 where xxx is the station number.
Second Alarmers - Station 353 = 0353005
Plymouth Community Ambulance - 308 = 0308005

There are 4 "slots" in every cap code these are:
Slot 1 = Fire, Slot 2 = Officers, Slot 3 = Fire Police, and Slot 4 = QRS

Montgomery County PA operates on a frequency of 154.0250 at 1200 baud.

Hope this helps.

BTW, you can find a complete list of station numbers can be found on the MontCo EDS web site
dps: Scanner Information
A later reply said there are some exceptions to this "standard layout". Do Lower Merion and Upper Merion townships follow this layout?
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