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Cb "tower" height

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Mar 17, 2015
Spokane Washington / postfalls idaho
Currently building up the parts to install a CB antenna... Haven't chosen an antenna yet but it will either be an solarcon a-99 1/2 wave or an i-max 2000 5/8 wave... I will also be running a scanner antenna in the future...

tower footing will be a 12" sono tube sunk 3' deep,
Plan is to run 2 10' sections of steel pipe (37.5-44 foot height)
Mounting plate will be 2 hinged 3/8" steel plates that will be anchored in to the concert with 4 1/2" j-bolts

***The problem I am running in to is I can't find any info as to what restrictions I have on height... I like in the city of Spokane Washington... residential property..

I am 5miles past the end of the runway of felts field and a mile south of the flight path...

Are there certain keywords I should be looking for in city documents for building code?

Free standing structure height?
Do I need a permit or inspection?
What government agency should I talk to? Building permits, city zoning?

(Personally I don't think this is too tall) puts the antenna about 12-19 feed over the top of the house
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Dec 15, 2005
Belvidere IL
Just call the city zoning office. They should be able to either answer your question, or point you in the right direction to someone who can.
Sep 30, 2006
Davenport,Fl.- home to me and the gators and the s
You'll have to find somebody in the city's building permit section of the Spokane government and ask that question.
But as far as legal height, check the FCC site on CB antenna height limitation.
The best I can remember is ~ 20 feet. But there are a few other articles in the rules.
Aug 17, 2003
Peoria, AZ.
In the FCC rules, 95.408 limits the height of a CB antenna to 60' above ground level if mounted on a ground mounted tower, or 20' above a structure if mounted on the roof of your home.

Local zoning ordinances may impose stricter height limitations.
Local zoning ordinances may also dictate the dimensions of, and the number of rebar in, the concrete base, as well as the minimum distance from your property line, etc.

Go here to start:

Residential Code - Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections

Peoria, AZ
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