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CBS Radio 'Mystery' Series.....

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Dec 13, 2003
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If you followed me from the Skywarn Forum, under Lightning Detectors, you've found me again, LOL! If not, go check out that forum.

Ok, there were many mystery series programs on the radio: One Man's
Family, The Shadow, Gangbusters, etc. I can also remember Fibber McGee
and Molly, Burns & Allen, Jack Benny, Gunsmoke, Sky King, the Bar B Bar
Ranch, Lux Radio hour, Arthur Godfrey and Young Dr. Malone, LOL! :eek: Why
is it I can remember that and can't tell you what I had for lunch yesterday?
I'm not getting OLD, I'm just drawing my Maturing Benefits, early, LOL! :lol:

Yep, Electronics Illustrated was a great magazine. Unfortunately, Mr. White of White's Radio Log passed away and the family no longer wished
to carry on the tradition. With it, I logged WSB in Atlanta, GA, WWL in New Awlins, WOAI in San Antonio, Tx, WSM in Nashville and a slew of minor stations with less than 5,000 watts. I haven't done that in decades, but might give it a whirl this Winter as well as the 160 meter band.

Well, time for my nap.

Donald J. Buck Saunders/KA5KQJ


Sep 30, 2006
Davenport,Fl.- home to me and the gators and the s
Don, you got my interest going about the

White's Radio Log, and found a great website that goes WAY back in time.

White's Radio Log Listing of North American radio stations 1925 to 1970

Vol.51, Number 1 was the last of a great read/information articles.
And I remember those ol' radio programs, and Arthur Godfrey and Red Skelton were my favorites, (Godfrey was a Ham and sometime cber).
Gotta get back and catch up on the White's website. Thanks for your posting of a great era in radios...
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