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Jul 22, 2002
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From Alan Gale on World of Radio - regarding a new program on Channel 292. Apart from the inserted notes, all this copy is verbatim and any transcription errors are mine;
Starting next Wednesday, 25th of July at 1830 UTC, and weekly until at least the middle of August, is a new half hour programme called
'Slow Scan Radio', which as you can guess from the title will feature Slow Scan TV images and various other faster datamodes such as PSK
as well.

This should audible in various parts of Europe, but for folks further afield, don't worry, as there should also be a monthly version of the
programme on WRMI before too long.

For anyone who hasn't yet tried SSTV you might like to try out the following packages (note: Alan lists links for just 2 - MM-SSTV and RX-SSTV, but there
are several others, and there are some for Linux and Mac users in the SSTV section of...)

HF Digital Amateur Radio - The RadioReference Wiki

This should be very interesting, especially for those of us who like datamodes, in particular SSTV!:)

(Note: if there are other packages that do SSTV that don't cost a small fortune to buy, please let me know so it can be added to the above list)
Channel 292 is a German broadcaster, and their website for listing current times and frequencies is here...

Radio Channel292 International Broadcasting Shortwave Kurzwelle Rundfunk Sender Sendezeit - Home

Of course, the time makes it impossible in North America on 6 Mhz, but you can use the various web receivers to hear it. Here is a listing of just a few of them...

Live Tunable Receivers - the RR Wiki

Hopefully he'll cover not just ham related digital modes but only time will tell. SSTV has, on occasion, been used by HF pirates so it does have other (perhaps unintended) uses apart from hams