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Codes & Signals

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Feb 5, 2008
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Here is a national link
Official Ten-Code List
Near the bottom of the page here is a local 10code & Signal listing
Pinellas County (FL) Public Safety - The RadioReference Wiki

Start here above I believe the 10 codes and dispatch signals do not change that much.
Uhhh even though there are a few 10 codes that dont change much (like 10-4 and 10-20)... signals and other codes vary widely from city to city and state to state. That is why there has been such a huge push for "plain language" dispatching from the feds. That Pinellas county wiki is for the most part useless up here.

Here is a wiki page for Lenawee county. Not sure how accurate, or out-of-date it may or may not be.
Lenawee County (MI) Law Enforcement - The RadioReference Wiki


Jun 17, 2003
These were current a couple of years ago...
Lenawee Co SO + Adrian PD:
10-3: Call office
10-4: Message received
10-6: Standby
10-7: Out of service
10-8: In service
10-9: Misdemeanor warrant
10-10: Felony warrant
10-12: Wrecker needed
10-13: Road/wx conditions
10-14: Medical Examiner
10-15: Prisoner
10-17: Officer needs help
10-19: Return to station
10-20: Location
10-24: Trouble at jail
10-29: File check
10-33: Emergency traffic only
10-36: Time check
10-38: Traffic stop
10-44: Leaving area
10-48: Registration check
10-53: Alarm
10-63: Prepare to copy
10-91: Request permission to talk to
other units/stations
10-93: Unauthorized traffic
10-97: Arrived on scene
10-98: Assignment complete
10-99: Bank detail

Lenawee Co Fire Net:
10-14: Deceased person
10-72: Switch to F2
10-73: Switch to F3
10-74: Switch to F4
10-75: Switch to F5

If you find any additions or corrections, let us know.

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