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Columbus-Muscogee-Harris-Troup 800TRS Update

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Feb 13, 2002
Birmingham, AL
Update for Muscogee-Columbus Consolidated Govt - Harris County that are now "Site 3" of what began as just the Lagrange-Troup System.

The Columbus PD talkgroups were posted by others - thanks.

I found some other TG's to add.

I have submitted those to be added to the database.

Today I "searched" on the lower ridge of Pine Mountain near Callaway Gardens. I did the same in Columbus last weekend.

Troup-Harris-Muscogee / System I.D. BC26h

Site 3 appears to consist of all the tower sites used previously by Harris-Muscogee-Columbus TRS. Those towers are now linked together as Site 3.

The control channel used today and last weekend is 852.1125 Mhz.

851.61250.... 852.08750c... 852.11250c... 852.37500c.. 852.83750... 853.13750... 853.16250... 853.82500
854.43750c 855.08750

Motorola Type-2/P25 Mixed Mode 3600 baud / Both analog & digital talkgroups are used.

** Talkgroups with 5-digits (32816 for example) are Digital
Talkgroups with 2, 3, or 4-digits (3344 for example) are Analog

When in doubt, set your audio to "ALL"

Columbus Fire is also has digital talkgroups.

32784....CPD SECTOR A
32816....CPD SECTOR B
32848....CPD SECTOR C
32880....CPD DMV (Info warrant checks)
32912....CPD TAC 1
32944....CPD TAC 2
3536......CPD ADMIN
33008....CPD DECTV
3280......CPD SPEC 1
3312......CPD SPEC 2
3344......CPD SPEC 3
3376......CPD SPEC 4

33456.....Muscogee SO

Columbus Ambulances
3472......EMS to HOSPITAL (ANALOG)
3504......EMS to HOSPITAL (ANALOG)

5136.....HARRIS CO S.O (& PD's)
5264.....HARRIS CO EMS
Best Regards,
Lagrange, GA
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