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Consider making a change to the database

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Oct 29, 2002
Downtown Hamilton
Chris Forts. You're the main DB guy here? Your assistant is Mcuipa IIRC ?

Yesterday there was an incident involving the OPP and Hamilton Police. I think there was a jumper, whatever it was, HPS and Burlington OPP were dealing with a situation on and around King ST W and the 403 around Dundurn.

I was thinking of heading over to the call but despite that I monitored it and they were using TG 9584, PC1 BPS. Brantford police link.

Well it wasn't in Brantford. I punched in the Hamilton Encrypted P25 system and while I couldn't hear Hamilton Police on that system they were transmitting and they were in the clear talking with the OPP on 9584. They mentioned Tac4 but didn't bother figuring that out.

Dunno if one event should mean changing the DB but Maybe u guys should think about it.

The HPS radio ID was 30398 as per usual.

The next time they do a radio check with the HPS I'll see if it is also on 9584.
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