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Control Channels

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Dec 19, 2002
Saint Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida
I am trying to set my Pinellas County, Florida Fire/EMS feed so it doesn't keep having problems..Should I be using just the Control Channels or all the channels. It keeps sticking on a channel.

Also when I use control channels only I keep getting frequencies showing on the scanner that I don't even have programmed into the scanner?

Here is the talk group IDs that I am using..Does anyone know of any others that I should add?

36896 902 Fire 1-B (North TAC) Fire-Tac
36928 904 Fire 1-C Fire-Talk
36960 906 Fire 1-D (Overflow TAC) Fire-Tac
36992 908 Fire 1-E (Mid Primary TAC) Fire-Tac
37024 90a Fire 1-F (Mid Secondary TAC) Fire-Tac
37056 90c Fire 1-G (South Primary TAC) Fire-Tac
37088 90e Fire 1-H (South Secondary TAC) Fire-Tac
37120 910 Fire 1-I (South Secondary TAC) Fire-Tac
37152 912 Fire 1-J Fire-Talk
37184 914 Fire 1-K (Admin/Hailing) Fire-Talk
37216 916 Fire Low Priority A (ex 3-A) Fire-Talk
37248 918 Fire LP-B Fire-Talk
37280 91a Fire LP-C Clearwater Fire-Talk
37312 91c Fire LP-D Largo Fire-Talk
37344 91e Fire LP-E Fire-Talk
37376 920 Fire LP-F Fire-Talk
37408 922 Fire LP-G St. Pete Fire-Talk
37440 924 Fire LP-H Fire-Talk
37472 926 Fire LP-I Fire-Talk
37504 928 Fire LP-J Fire-Talk
37504 928 Fire LP-J Fire-Talk
38464 964 A St. Pete Fire Low Priority - A Fire-Talk
38496 966 A St. Pete Fire Low Priority - B Fire-Talk
38528 968 A St. Pete Fire Low Priority - C Fire-Talk
38560 96a A St. Pete Fire Low Priority - D Fire-Talk
38592 96c A St. Pete Fire Low Priority - E Fire-Talk
38624 96e A St. Pete Fire Low Priority - F Fire-Talk
38688 972 A St. Pete Fire Low Priority - G Fire-Talk

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Jul 3, 2008
Greensboro, NC
Yea for the most part the control channels is what you put in. As far as the other frequency showing up that is the voice channel frequency that the actual voice is on, the control channels tells the radio what voice channel to go to. If you take a look at the System Frequencies(ones in black) for the system you are monitoring you will see those frequency showing up as the voice channels on your scanner.
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