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CYUL most interesting frequency

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Feb 25, 2004
Pierrefonds (West Island Montreal) Qc Canada
Your standard airport aviation freq are...

133.70000 Information Service (ATIS) - English

127.50000 Information Service (ATIS) - French

119.90000 Tower

125.60000 Clearance Delivery

124.65000 Departures/Arrivals

118.90000 Departures/Arrivals

126.90000 Low Level Arrivals (Localizers)

121.90000 Ground

122.07500 Apron

134.15000 Montreal Terminal

125.15000 Montreal Terminal

Plus the trunked systems for the airport fire crash team and the ADM security agents


SPVM Airport Unit (PDQ-55) are on the SERAM encrypted network
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