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Darkened display and reception problem BCD396T

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Dec 19, 2002
Round Rock, Tx.
I have a scanner that is not picking up a talkgroup. (BCD396T)
It is programed just like the other 3 (BCD396T) that are sitting right next to it. If it is manually sitting on that talkgroup, it will break squelch, but when it is scanning, it will not stop on that talkgroup. It is NOT LOCKED OUT either. Can anyone explain why it wouldn't pick up that talkgroup while the other 3 radios will? Could it be the sensitivity is not correct? The radio is only a week old.
Also, can you explain why the display has a darkened square around the outside of it? Two of the radios have this and 2 dont. It's around the entire display about a 1/8th of an inch in.

Jul 23, 2005
Check the display contrast. As for sensitivity I'd check that one the squelch is set correctly and 2 try swapping antennas. On rare occasions the wire in the antenna will break, although I have had antennas run over and no damage, but it does happen.
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