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Digital Mobile Radio is Coming!

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Uniden Advances Scanning with Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)

Demonstrating our commitment to continually enhance the value and relevance of your investment in Uniden products, today we announce the latest upgrades for our flagship BCD436HP and BCD536HP scanners. Soon, owners of these scanners will be able to add the ability to monitor and scan Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) systems including MotoTRBO™ Connect Plus and MotoTRBO Capacity Plus systems with a single paid upgrade, making these scanners the indisputable best-in-class solution for monitoring radio systems. Until now, you've either needed to purchase a single-use radio to monitor these systems or kludge together a system using multiple radio dongles plugged into a PC.

DMR is used extensively across the world by businesses, government agencies, amateur radio operators, and individuals worldwide. RadioReference.com, the premier web site for finding radio system information, has over 600 trunked DMR systems and over 4500 DMR conventional channels documented. But, this is just the beginning of the DMR story. The vast majority of DMR systems have never been documented since, up to now, users could not easily monitor them. Based on a quick survey of FCC records, we expect that there are tens- or even hundreds-of-thousands of additional DMR channels to discover.

And discovery will be important. So, we'll include some basic tools for discovering DMR channels on your own so that you will be able to quickly supplement the information currently provided by RadioReference.com. We'll be adding details, below, as we get closer to finalizing the firmware release, so watch this space.

Using the Uniden BCDx36HP radios, upgraded with the DMR upgrade, you will now be able to seamlessly monitor unencrypted channels on the following system types:

  • Conventional Analog channels
  • Conventional P25 Digital channels
  • Motorola Type I and Type II Trunked Radio systems with Analog and Digital (P25) Voice
  • EDACS Analog trunked radio systems
  • LTR Analog trunked radio systems
  • APCO Project 25 Phase I and Phase II Digital Trunked Radio systems
  • EDACS trunked radio systems with ProVoice channels (paid ProVoice upgrade required)
  • Conventional Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) channels (paid DMR upgrade required)
  • MotoTRBO Capacity Plus Trunked Radio systems (paid DMR upgrade required)
  • MotoTRBO Connect Plus Trunked Radio Systems (paid DMR upgrade required)
Uniden is the only scanner manufacturer to offer those bolded items, above. Plus, we have even more Uniden exclusive features in these models, including:

  • Close Call® RF Capture
  • Dynamic Memory Architecture
  • Location-Based Scanning with GPS Support
  • Trunked and Conventional Discovery Modes
  • WiFi connectivity with iPhone and Android Apps (BCD536HP only, Android App coming in 2016)
We are working on putting the finishing touches on the upgrade but want to give you the opportunity to pre-order the upgrade so that you are ready to monitor DMR from the moment it is released. As a special thanks to early adopters, we are offering the upgrade for only $50 for a limited time. We'll let you know when the pre-ordering site is ready but, until then, save your spare change.

Disclaimer: The above constitutes a pre-announement, which includes details as we know them today, but which might change based on technical, legal, economic, or other unforeseeable issues that could arise. No portion of this pre-announcement should be considered as a legally binding obligation to perform on Uniden's part.

MotoTRBO is a trademark of Motorola, Inc.
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