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Digital or Analog?

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Oct 25, 2009
I have been trying to decide what scanner I should get and was hoping you guys can clear some stuff up for me. On scannermaster.com they say that for Suffolk county that you should have a digital scanner. Does anybody know what agencies are on digital right now? Also is it worth it to get an analog scanner now if they are mandating digital. Oh and I will be listening to SCPD, SCFDs, NYSP, Suffolk Sheriff, and also Westchester FD and PD every now and again when I'm up there. Thanks in advance guys.


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Oct 4, 2007
There are a few digital talkgroups on the Suffolk system. If you look through the database you can see them for yourself.

Also is it worth it to get an analog scanner now if they are mandating digital.
This is one of the biggest myths perpetuated by salesmen, communication consultant firms, and ill-informed people. There is absolutely no FCC mandate to "go digital" for land mobile radio services. There was a mandate for all TV broadcasts to go digital a few years ago, but that is completely unrelated to radio.

It sure doesn't hurt to get a digital scanner if you can afford one. There will be more and more agencies that switch to digital as the years go by. Just take note that one of the main digital standards, P25, has recently introduced Phase II TDMA on trunked systems. No current scanner on the market can decode Phase II TDMA, nor will they ever be able to due to not having the proper hardware. The GRE PSR-800 can decode an early form of TDMA, and may wind up being compatible with Phase II TDMA, but as of today it has not been confirmed. Currently there are no P25 Phase II systems deployed in the tri-state area, but that can change rather quickly. For example, Rockland County is currently installing a P25 Phase II system that all police, fire and EMS will be on by 2013.

Keep all of that in mind before you spend $200 on an analog scanner that won't pick up current or future digital stuff, as well as before you spend $500 on a current digital scanner that won't be able to decode P25 Phase II TDMA.
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