Dispatch tone not on DSD

Oct 3, 2014
Got a weird one here...

There's a new CapMax system here and when the FD dispatches the calls, the call tone is not heard on DSD while it is heard on the radios (of course) and a Uniden scanner. I don't even see any activity on the CC during the call tone. Just after, when the dispatcher speaks, I see the call on the CC. Any ideas why?
Sep 19, 2002
Toronto, Ontario
Hm, that's what I use and I've heard it handling alert tones on a DMR system.

Your description suggests that there is something happening on the control channel that DSD+ isn't decoding properly. That would explain why it doesn't tune to a traffic channel and decode the tones.

Your best bet would be to record the raw CC audio during one of these dispatches and send it to the fastlane address, then they can figure out what's what.