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dsd working hardware

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Oct 18, 2009
hi just a quick bit of info for anyone that is interested. i want to give some info on my set up. my computer is a small ecafe ec900 notebook with 1 gb of ram running ubuntu 10.4 lts using onboard sound my radio is a icom ic-e 2820 i am taking the audio from the packet radio socket at the front of the radio at the rear of the face this is the 6 pin mini din socket this cable can be got from radioarena.co.uk i am having very good results with this set up with very good audio recovery on about 7 or 8 mototrbo systems all signals ranging from s5 to 60 over with the -xr function being used in dsd once again i can confirm this works very well but i would say the onboard speakers are not that good but it is much better with external pc speakers i also believe this little notebook can be had at a good price on the net i hope this can shed some light on this subject

best regards all

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