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Exhaust stacks causing reception problem?

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Nov 27, 2011
Hey I'm pretty new to this scanner thing so hopefully someone can help me with this. I just bought a Radioshack Pro-197 scanner and got all the frequencies I was looking for from here. I had no trouble programming them in and it worked great at my house with the telescoping antenna on it. No static and I was picking up all the objects that I programmed in clear as day. I mounted the scanner in my truck with a window mount antenna on the back window. However, when I have it on, it will sometimes stop on certain frequencies and just have static. It's not static all the time, and it still picks up the frequency fine when someone is talking on it.

Anyway my question is this. I have two 5 inch stainless steel exhaust stacks on my truck somewhat close to where the antenna is mounted. Could this be causing my problem? Also a friend of mine said it could be interference from the diesel engine as well. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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