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FCC Delays Narrowbanding Until 2013

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Jan 31, 2008
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The subject line is a little misleading. The VHF/UHF narrowband operation deadline was and still is 1/1/2013. The deadline for new 25 KHz operation was and still is 1/1/11. What they did do is extend the deadline that radio manufs. could still make new 25 KHz radios, as well as when 6.25 KHz must be in all new radios.

To the public safety or business license, there is no delay to when they have to narrowband by.


Dec 14, 2001
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It looks like to me that this merely allows 25 KHz. equipment to be purchased after January 1, 2011. It does not extend the date that VHF and UHF users must ***operate*** in Narrow mode past the previous January 1, 2013 deadline.

This makes it easier for users that will remain wide closer to the deadline to obtain new radios that still operate in the older wide mode. For example, the various FD's in my area are not narrowbanding the mutual aid and fireground channels until 2012 if an FD wanted to buy a new radio after the first of the year 2011 they would have had to operate in the narrow mode with the new radio while everyone else is wide. This allows them to buy radios with both wide and narrow modes up until the operational deadline so you don't have problems with new radios not being able to operate on a legal mode.


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Feb 6, 2009

I think this might help push most areas to incorporate Digital Statewide P25 Systems. Not all areas but most I think will because most will need to purchase new radios and this will bring up questions on what a good investment is. That is just one of my thoughts the other is that this is not going to solve anything. The biggest thing right now that is going to and is currently helping congestion in these bands is the large number of areas switching to trunking which is mostly Narrow-band.
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