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Flash 11 and EP Web Player

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Sep 7, 2009
Allegany County Maryland 21529
I have four EP players embedded into my webpage (Allegany County Maryland Scanner Frequencies) with my four RR streams. One plays by default when the page loads and the other three can be manually started. However, after Adobe Flash 11.x was installed, the audio graph on the players, which used to show Left and Right Channel, now shows a signal meter. It can be changed back to left and right channel by clicking on the meter, but I want it to default to left and right channel.

I want it to default to L/R Channel because when it's a signal meter, the meters on all four players show the signal for the one player that's streaming, even though three of them are not playing. Not sure why. Has anyone else experienced this or know how to correct it. Again, the problem only showed up after Adobe Flash 11 was installed on the PC. Downgrading to flash 10.x fixes the problem.

Not open for further replies.