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BCD536HP: Function keys on the BCD536HP

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Aug 14, 2011
Why do the keys
Function ZIP
Function SERV
Function RANG
do nothing?

With such a limited number of buttons on the front panel, and such a complex menu structure, the fact that these all do nothing, indicates poor thought has been given to ergonomic design.

These could easily be programmed to provide some useful short cuts.

Function ZIP could bring up: Menu - Set Your Location - Edit Location — allowing you to quickly select pre-defined locations — especially useful if you can't remember the zip code.
Function SERV could toggle ALL services OFF — allowing you to quickly enable one in order to focus on it. At present such a practice is anything but quick.
Function RANGE could display your GPS location.

Or they could be user-programmable soft keys so people could set them to what menu item they want using Sentinel.
Hint Hint :)
Sep 11, 2002
A easy to remember and a nice use for the range key would be CC sensitivity. I know that this is a setting in the firmware so could be easily incorporated in a future release.
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