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generic software program for 5000 or others?

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Mar 17, 2006
Western nc
I hear more and more digital stuff and also see it on my SDU5500 every day. A lot of it
comes from a nearby mountian & usually around 900s, 150s & 400s mhz areas. I know
you cant decode cellular but a lot of this stuff is just general paging, usually a tone followed
by ? signal and around 908-915 there are some with tones and others that look like digital
packets maybe.
Is there a software program that will identify and decode non encrypted digital? Im thinking
of one program thet works for different systems or even if it wont decode then one that
will identify what type of service it is? One program for all would be great but if not then
whick software program would be the best?
Not open for further replies.