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Governor's inauguration

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Apr 22, 2005
Yesterday's inauguration provided some interesting listening as one would expect. It sounded like everything went well. I even heard some aircraft activity which was unexpected due to the horrible weather conditions. I guess the thing I was surprised at was all the coverage focused towards the handful of attendees who were openly carrying weapons in their holsters. Which is perfectly legal by the way.

It's just that it seemed like an awful lot of State Police resources were used up identifying and following these individuals. There is a time and a place to make a point---but I don't think this was the appropriate place to do so, and this is coming from a one who has a concealed carry permit.

The most entertaining thing was listening to the Capitol Police force after the 21 gun salute cannon smoke set off fire alarms in some nearby Capitol buildings (not sure which ones) and that was a hoot to listen to the after effects of that.
Not open for further replies.